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Jason Nicholas

Jason J Nicholas

Artist + Architect “Live and Love Creatively!”


Born with a pencil in my mouth, I have always been passionate about exploring my creativity (don't worry, the pencil wasn't sharpened).

From my childhood architectural dreams to my heart-warming artwork and humor, I express my inner creativity by sharing the gift of my imagination.

Some say I am a combination of Mike Brady and Bob Ross with a touch of Dr. Seuss (without the six kids, cool afro, nor Wocket in my pocket).

I am the illustrator of such books as: The Magic Box: A Hypnotic Bedtime Story by Amy Arvary,
Welcome Home by Britni Morley, and Sail Away Girl Cooks... A Little Bit For Now by Elizabeth Aristequieta.

I invite you to share in my journey of viewing the world in new and inspiring ways through my artwork and photographs.

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Live Creatively!


2 Bee Or Not To Bee by Jason Nicholas


Showroom Rendering by Jason Nicholas


Reflecting Upon the Sky by Jason Nicholas


Scattered Sunset Clouds by Jason Nicholas


Fall Sunset on the Lake by Jason Nicholas


Smoldery Sunset by Jason Nicholas


Davin-Sky by Jason Nicholas


Pastel Sunset by Jason Nicholas


The Sky Is The Limit by Jason Nicholas


Eye In The Sky by Jason Nicholas


Don't T 'red' On Thin Ice by Jason Nicholas


Fiery Sunset by Jason Nicholas


Dew Me A Favor by Jason Nicholas